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Roatan Vacation Rentals is a sister company (same owners) as Roatan Life Real Estate.  We often see clients that have a progression of discovering Roatan, visiting and renting homes then they decide they would like to consider Roatan as an investment by purchasing some type of Real Estate.
We can help you discover more about our marketplace as an investment opportunity.  Our Real Estate company is the #1 on the island and we have a team of very knowledgable agents and brokers.
If you would like to learn more let us know.
Till then If you use Facebook look for Roatan Life Real Estate on Facebook. There we have a page and put a lot of listings and info up for everyone to review.

One way to really gather a lot of local knowledge is the free ebook called the Roatan Relocation and Investment Guide.  fill out the form below for a complimentary copy. You just download the book to your computer and it has tons of info about investing and relocating to the Bay Islands its a really helpful tool.

If you need any help with Real Estate, Vacation Rentals or general questions about Roatan please do not hesitate to ask.  Most of my clients that are ready to begin looking for property start by scheduling a conference call or passing us some emails so we can learn about their vision of the right property for them (size, type, budget etc).  Then we use our local knowledge to find options.  We are able to send them information from our Roatan Realtors Association MLS system (just like in North America) so they can easily work with one agent but have access to our entire market.   When you are ready to come down again and take a look we can narrow the list to our favorites and hit the ground running so to speak and make the most of your time.

We look forward to helping you find more information regarding Roatan and answer any questions you may have about the Bay Islands.

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