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Finding things to do in Roatan is easy enough. After all, this is an island playground! From scuba diving the depths to flying through the treetops and everything in between…Roatan is a land of fun and sunshine!

Visitors often ask “What’s the BEST thing to do in Roatan?” To be honest, we can never answer this question! There are just too many incredible things to do on this island and everyone’s preferences will vary.

So, instead of telling you the best thing, we’re here to tell you about the variety of activities in Roatan that you can enjoy during your vacation.

Top Things to Do in Roatan

The first thing you need to do in Roatan is to get on Island Time! Slow down, take a deep breath of that amazing sea air, and relax into the pace of life here.

Once you’re relaxed and feeling ready to jump into island life, you can decide what types of Roatan activities you might want to do.

couple looking at the tropical island view before them on Roatan

Roatan is known as a scuba diving and snorkeling destination, for good reason. The world’s second-largest barrier reef is just offshore, so you can easily swim out to see beautiful marine life and colorful coral reef.

But Roatan isn’t just for those who like to blow bubbles!

Being an island, obviously we love our outdoor activities. A few other water-based activities you could consider include deep-sea fishing, paddleboarding, boat tours, and so much more!

We’ll break down all the things you can do in Roatan into categories below. But first, we want you to understand the best way to book your Roatan activities so you can enjoy your vacation without any additional stresses.

people relaxing by the pool in Roatan

Booking Your Roatan Activities

Whatever you decide to do during your stay, we highly recommend you book all your activities and services through a single provider. There are so many reasons for this, but they all come down to safety and convenience for you.

Detour Roatan is the company we send all our guests to for bookings. We trust Detour Roatan for all the following reasons:

serene view of West Bay Beach, where some of the best things to do in Roatan can be found

When you visit Roatan, you’ll notice that vendors will regularly approach you on the beach. They’ll try selling anything from trinkets to massages to tours and activities.

The unfortunate thing about those transactions is they are completely under-the-table, so you are not protected as a customer.

Booking everything through Detour Roatan means your payment is protected and your booking is guaranteed.

We want every visitor to enjoy Roatan for all its beauty and adventure! So we recommend you book all your Roatan activities with Detour Roatan.

Water Activities in Roatan

Water is life here in Roatan. If you’re coming to the island, we’re guessing it’s because you love those gorgeous Caribbean Sea views just as much as we do!

Here are some of the top things to do on the water in Roatan, all of which you can book with Detour Roatan.

man jumping into turquoise water in Honduras

Scuba Diving in Roatan

The diving here is second-to-none. Whether you’re an avid diver or a complete newbie, we highly recommend you blow some bubbles while you’re here.

Roatan first became a popular destination when scuba divers started coming to explore the reef. Its beauty and the islanders’ warm welcome attracted more and more divers over the decades.

Now, you can’t walk a few feet without seeing another dive shop! You are spoiled for choice here, but Detour Roatan exclusively works with Sun Divers in West End.

This shop is incredibly professional and supports the conservation efforts of the Roatan Marine Park. You’ll learn excellent dive skills here and get to explore some of the island’s most stunning underwater topography.

underwater view of coral reef and marine life in Roatan Honduras

Roatan Island Tours by Boat

Explore more of our coastline for a unique vantage point of the island. You could also go farther afield to explore the other islands nearby, including Cayos Cochinos (the hog islands).

Day trips to Cayos Cochinos are always at the top of the list for the best things to do in Roatan!

friends jumping off a catamaran - fun things to do in Roatan

Snorkeling in Roatan

Snorkeling is another very popular activity in Roatan. With the reef being so close to shore and, oftentimes, very shallow, you can enjoy marvelous sights and encounters with marine life.

You could also opt to take a boat tour to snorkel elsewhere around the Bay Islands. Explore the stunning Cayos Cochinos or simply head to another snorkel site farther east or west, depending on your vacation rental location.

snorkeling is one of the best activities in Roatan - red fins in clear water

Glass-Bottom Boat Tours

Don’t want to get your face wet? No problem! We recommend you try a glass-bottom boat tour so you can still see the beautiful underwater world just offshore.

Great for families or for anyone wanting to stay dry, these boat tours stay close to shore and cruise slowly around so you can see it all.

Dolphin Encounters in Roatan

The resident wild dolphins of Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) can opt to swim out to sea, which they often do with scuba divers! But you can also swim and snorkel with them at the designated area at AKR.

This is a great family-friendly activity where everyone can learn more about these intelligent animals and interact with them.

Dolphin swimming backward with a couple watching in the water in Roatan

Fishing Charters in Roatan

With our coral reef just offshore, you can get into deep waters around Roatan in just a few minutes. This makes your deep-sea fishing adventure easy for everyone!

Did You Know: Honduras was named due to the deep waters that protected the Spanish ships carrying Christopher Columbus and his men toward the continent. Honduras means “depths.”

Jet Ski Rentals

Racing around on the waves can be a thrilling adventure! Rent a jet ski to buzz around offshore on your own or with a buddy. Just remember to be safe and stay far from swimmers and snorkelers!

couple racing around on a jet ski in Roatan Honduras

Paddleboarding or Kayaking in Roatan

Paddleboards and kayaks are plentiful in Roatan, with many of our vacation rentals offering them included at the house. Paddling out from shore offers a relaxing way to see more of the island from sea while getting lots of sun. We recommend you wear a rash guard to protect your skin!

couple in a double kayak in turquoise water - things to do in Roatan Honduras

Parasailing by West Bay Beach

Parasailing from West Bay Beach is a fantastic way to see the island from way up high. It’s quite a thrill to be suspended in the air so high above the water, allowing you to see for miles all around!

Things to Do on Land in Roatan

Maybe you prefer to stay dry and just enjoy the views of the water from afar. That’s fine, too! We love watching the sunset over the sea and marveling at the shimmering colors dance across the water.

If you’d prefer some land-based activities in Roatan, we have plenty of those, too. Here are some top picks that you can book with Detour Roatan.

Golf Options in Roatan

Pristine Bay’s Black Pearl golf course was designed by the legendary Pete Dye. This championship course offers avid golfers and novices alike the opportunity to enjoy some sun and ample stunning views from every green.

The Black Iguana Course in West Bay is another fun golf option. This 9-hole par 3 course is also a Dye design and features amazing vistas and unique shots. It’s the perfect way to spend an hour or two honing your short game!

Zipline Canopy Tours in Roatan

Roatan’s hilly terrain makes it the perfect place for zipline canopy tours. There are plenty of options to choose from all across the island. If you’re ready to fly through the treetops, we recommend you go for the zipline!

woman ziplining through the trees on Roatan island

ATV Adventures in Roatan

ATV tours are a wild and adventurous way to see more of Roatan. Book this activity for a rollicking good time!

Explore the Beaches of Roatan

From West Bay Beach to Camp Bay Beach, there are countless stretches of sand along Roatan’s shore. Explore them all by renting a car or taking an island tour. Or find one you love and spend your days relaxing in the sand.

couple strolling a white sand beach in Roatan Honduras

Rent a Party Bus

Such a fun thing to do in Roatan! If you’re coming here with a larger group, go ahead and enjoy a night out together with your own private party.

Shopping Options in Roatan

Looking for locally-made crafts to buy in Roatan? We recommend you start in West End Village, where you’ll find plenty of local artwork and interesting items for purchase. From photographs to paintings, and with plenty of recycled materials in between, West End has lots of shopping options for you to enjoy.

Island Tours

Take a tour by road to explore the many villages and neighborhoods of Roatan. Learn about the Garifuna culture in Punta Gorda and meet some friendly expats in Oakridge. Check out the labyrinthine streets of Coxen Hole and the shopping mall in French Harbour.

There are plenty of places to stop along the way where you can learn more about our island and its many communities!

couple laughing with a horse in Roatan Honduras

Animal Encounters Galore

From horseback riding on the beach to making friends with rescued monkeys and sloths, Roatan has plenty of animals you can meet. We recommend you visit any of our animal sanctuaries where rehabilitation and release are prioritized.

red parrot with a green tree background in Roatan Honduras

Our Favorite Roatan Recommendation

We always recommend our guests book a private chef for at least one night during their vacation. You can go out to restaurants every night if you wish, but there’s something so wonderful about having someone come to your beautiful vacation rental to prepare an island feast.

And the best part is…you don’t even have to wash the dishes!

smiling chef with diners in the background - Roatan things to do

What are your favorite things to do in Roatan?

We live here and have the privilege of enjoying these island adventures every day. But that doesn’t mean we go ziplining every morning!

So we love to hear about your favorite places and the fabulous folks who make your vacation memorable.

We love to hear from you, so come tell us over on Facebook!