A multi-generational vacation in Roatan could be the perfect way to gather your loved ones and spend quality time together. Bring the whole family together for an island getaway that they’ll remember forever!

That’s exactly what Bill and Ann Addison did recently. Bill and Ann own one of the beachfront condos in Lawson Rock, right here in Sandy Bay, Roatan.

A Multi-Generational Vacation in Roatan

After 12 years of coming to Roatan every winter, Bill and Ann were finally able to gather everyone here. Three generations – ranging from 4 to 67 years old! – came together to enjoy fun, family, and fantastic Caribbean views.

a multi-generational vacation with everyone playing cornhole on the beach as the sun sets

“This was a dream vacation,” Ann says. “There were 12 adults with 6 grandchildren, and Bill and I. We spent time together fishing, doing the zip line, dolphin action swim, snorkeling, hanging out on the beach, a day at Maya Key seeing the recuse animals and swimming in the pool.”

With so many fun things to do in Roatan, it was easy to plan this multi-generational vacation. And hosting everyone at Lawson Rock made the downtime even more relaxing.

“A few of the great things about Lawson Rock,” Ann continues, “It has the feel of a gated community. It is very safe, and the beach is private. This opened up time and plenty of space for running races, playing corn hole, football, and sunset drinks for the adults.”

It’s the perfect destination for three generations to share the vacation of a lifetime!

Planning a Multi-Generational Trip

When planning a multi-generational vacation, you need to take into account the needs of each age group. From the young kids to the stressed-out parents to the retired grandparents…each group is looking for something special from an island vacation.

Bill and Ann planned their multi-generation vacation perfectly.

It was filled with tons of fun activities to entertain – and tire out! – the kids. It was also filled with plenty of quality time to make invaluable memories for everyone. 

Perhaps the best thing Bill and Ann did for their family was to rent out two more condos, for a total of three units in Lawson Rock. The grandkids all bunked up with Bill and Ann so they could truly maximize their time together.

smiling kids on top of an inflatable in the sea

Being able to give the parents space and privacy offered them the perfect island getaway. After all, parents need a vacation from the kids sometimes, too!

Things to Do in Roatan for a Multi-Generational Vacation

Bill and Ann had plenty of activities at their doorstep to make sure everyone had fun and enjoyed the island life. They swam with dolphins at Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) and they learned about rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals at Maya Key. 

They held running races on the long Lawson Rock beach and let the kids be kids with all the freedom to roam this expansive complex. All the adults could feel comfortable knowing that on-site security kept the neighborhood quiet and safe for all.

Ann is also an avid scuba diver, which is what drew them to Roatan in the first place. Their eldest grandson just became a certified diver, so she got the thrill of sharing that underwater paradise together with him!

multi-generational vacation - Ann Addison scuba diving with her grandson in Roatan

From big family dinners to long, sunny days at the beach, Bill and Ann were able to thoroughly enjoy their time with all their loved ones nearby.

Sharing their island home – a place they love and where they spend each winter – was a magical way to spend this precious time with their favorite people.

How to Plan Your Multi-Gen Vacation

If you’re considering a multi-generational vacation in Roatan, we have a few recommendations for you.

Consider the Accommodations

Do you want to all stay together in one giant house with multiple bedrooms? Or would you prefer several condos in the same neighborhood? Or maybe you’d like even more space so you’d prefer several houses in the same neighborhood instead?

Whatever works best for your family setup and needs, we’re sure you can find it here in Roatan. For condos, look at Lawson Rock in Sandy Bay.

For houses, there are plenty of options in the West Bay area. And for large houses, we have multiple options that offer the space and scale you might need. Take a look at our large group options here.

large group home for a multi-generational vacation in Roatan

Consider the Season

Whether you want to rent a large home that can accommodate all of you or multiple condos near each other (like Bill and Ann did), you’ll want to plan early.

The high season usually matches with school holidays, which is probably when you’ll be planning your vacation to accommodate the kids’ schedules. 

If you can manage it, the low season offers lower prices and more available options for you. Just remember to look at the variations in pricing so you can get the best deal for the time slots you’re considering.

calm turquoise water lapping soft white sand in Roatan

Remember the Entertainment

Kids need lots of activities to entertain them all week. Adults might want more time to unwind and to release the stresses of work and life back home. Finding the right balance for everyone can be tough!

We recommend you maximize the natural beauty of the island and offer space for everyone to choose their level of activity. That might mean spending a full day at the beach where the kids can run and play and swim or snorkel.

The adults can join in on all that fun or just relax with a mid-day siesta in the sand.

We work with Detour Roatan to help you book any and all activities you might want to do during your stay. This might include fishing tours, island hopping, scuba diving, or even an in-home private chef.

For a multi-gen vacation, we highly recommend you book a chef for at least one night. Not worrying about cooking and cleaning dishes can make for a much more enjoyable evening at home together!

smiling dolphin in Roatan

Ready to Book?

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We’re always happy to help you create the perfect memories!