Looking for a long term rental? Deciding where to stay can be a tricky task when you take all the important factors into account. So, in order to help you make the best possible decision and hopefully save you from some unnecessary complications, we’ve created a guide to choosing your best long term vacation rental on Roatan!

There are some important questions to answer before choosing your long term rental… Full warning – once you arrive to the island, you may find yourself answering these questions on a regular basis as you meet new people. We are a friendly bunch here on Roatan!

“What brings you to Roatan?”

First things first, consider why you are coming to the island. Are you coming to take advantage of your remote working position? Are you becoming a Dive Master or doing other SCUBA courses? Taking on a volunteer position? Looking to get a feel for the island before making the final decision to move to our piece of Caribbean paradise?

The reason for your visit will dictate the best possible location for your stay…

For example, f you’re working from ‘home’, you may find that the quiet community of Sandy Bay is your best option.

If you’re coming to the island to complete a dive course – you will most likely want to stay in West End as it is home to dozens of dive shops. If you’re doing your course at a shop that is locate outside of West End, then we recommend getting familiar with the area of the dive shop and stay close to reduce your daily travel time and expense.

Although we’re a small island, we definitely recommend choosing to stay in or near the area where you will be most active in the community – it just makes life easier in the long run.

“How long are you staying on the island?”

Having a fairly good idea of the length of your stay will help you choose where to stay. A long term rental can look quite different when you picture yourself staying for 3 months versus 1 year…

Keeping in mind that plans change – and change and change again – having a solid game plan can help you decide on your budget, ideal location and necessary amenities.

Long term rentals can last anywhere from 1 month to a yearly lease.

“What’s on your Must-Have list?”

Deciding ahead of time what you can and cannot live without will make the transition to island life a lot easier! As you can imagine, each persons list is very different and so knowing yours is important for us to assist you in finding the perfect long term rental on Roatan.

Are you someone who no matter the weather needs a hot shower at the end of the day? Do you imagine waking up to the sounds of the jungle each morning? Need the best wifi connection possible? Is proximity to the beach a real deal-breaker for you?

Whatever you list is, chances are that there is a property to match. The headaches arise only when these needs are not addressed in the beginning, so make sure you give some thought as to what is on your ‘must-have’ list.

With these 3 questions answered, we have a much better idea of what your ideal property may be. Here is a list of our top 5 long term rentals on Roatan.

Of course, more options are available so if you don’t see one that matches your needs, take a look at our full list of long term rentals or contact us directly!

Top 5 Long Term Vacation Rentals

Sunset Villa 12 G

West End

This 2 Bedroom Condo is located in a residential area of West End. This condo has been furnished nicely and the decor is comfortable and welcoming.  You will find the patio complete with table and chairs to enjoy the Roatan weather. This unit is available for both short term and long term rentals and is ready and waiting for you!

Casa Marsiesta

Palmetto Bay

This beautiful 2 bedroom home boasts ocean views and stunning natural landscape, with over an acre of mature tropical trees leading into the valley below. You’ll simply love relaxing in this complete oasis of tranquility. With your own pool and ample outdoor deck space – both screened in and open – you’ll have plenty of time to relax, just listening to the sounds of nature. Look out to the horizon for views of the Caribbean Sea and marvel at the calm all around you.

Keyhole Bay Condo 10

West Bay

Keyhole Bay Condo 10 is a stunning 1-bedroom unit in a prestigious neighborhood. The Keyhole Bay community is just up the road from popular West Bay, along Roatan’s gorgeous south shore. Easy access to West Bay amenities and the extensive beach allow for fun days or nights out. But Keyhole Bay is a quiet, high-end community for your idyllic island retreat. With ample natural light, the space feels airy and bright!

Roatan Ocean View – 2nd floor –

Sandy Bay

Ocean View is a second-floor island-style home. Walk up to your spacious apartment and bask in those boundless sea views through the plentiful windows and large open balcony. Two bedrooms – each with an ensuite bathroom, queen-size bed, air conditioning, and access to the oceanfront patio. Ocean View offers comfortable living space to relax in the evenings after the sun goes down.

Magnolia House

Lawson Rock

Come enjoy the good life in Roatan with an extended stay at Magnolia House in Lawson Rock. This perfect cape-style home offers two full bedrooms plus a spacious loft for ample room for your family. Located in the prestigious Lawson Rock community, you can take advantage of all the community amenities during your stay. Our expansive white sand beach is idyllic to stroll along the gentle surf each evening as the sun sets over the horizon. With three community pools, kayaks, an on-site gym, a restaurant, concierge service, a marina dock with access to a snorkeling patch, and a sunset dock that’s perfect for gathering with neighbors, Lawson Rock truly offers a perfect set-up for your long-term stay.

We hope this helps you in your search for a long term vacation rental on Roatan. Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to make a reservation.