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Want to stay in Roatan for longer?

A longer stay in Roatan can offer you the flexibility to really delve into the island lifestyle. Enjoy a few months in the tropics – even if you need to work while you’re here! This month, we’re highlighting a place you can rent long-term that offers natural beauty and relaxation alongside convenience. We also have […]

10/14/2019 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

We’re making a Roatan vacation even easier

Roatan is paradise made easy! Check out the new direct flight routes coming soon to Roatan. Also, we have a new offer for our renters to get high-quality meats and seafood delivered right to your door. And to top all that off, we’re offering a big discount for bookings at one of our favorite new […]

09/11/2019 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Choose your favorite island animal

Here in Roatan, we love to name our homes after our favorite animals. Which one would you choose? A turtle? A dolphin? Or maybe even a whale shark?!  We’re highlighting two rental homes this month: Casa Delfin (Dolphin House) and Tortuga (Turtle) Terrace. Take a look and be one of the first to book these […]

08/09/2019 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Get your toes in the sand

Is there anything better than a house on the beach?  We don’t think so. So come check out the latest additions to our rental market… located right on beautiful, iconic West Bay Beach.  But if those just aren’t close enough to the Caribbean for you, don’t worry – we have you covered. Take a look […]

07/12/2019 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Living in the Lap of Luxury

Luxury rental homes offer that little extra something special for your vacation in the tropics. While any beachfront home feels magical, a luxury beachfront home often means a pool, high-end finishes throughout, and ample space to completely unwind and rejuvenate. Are you ready to live in the lap of luxury for a while? Luxury Roatan […]

06/11/2019 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

May is the Siren of Summertime

There’s something about the month of May…School is nearly done for the year, spring has been in full bloom for a while, and the long days mean it’s time for BBQs and beaches. Why not enjoy summertime to the fullest here in Roatan? We’ve mastered the art of summertime fun – after all, we get […]

05/12/2019 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Summertime Fun on the Island

What do you think of when you think of summer? We think of cold beer, hanging out with friends, and relaxing in a hammock in the shade… Oh, wait. That’s what we do year-round here on Roatan! Check out a new song about visiting Roatan, Sunday Funday at The Brewery, and some highlighted places to […]

04/08/2019 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

These are a few of our favorite things…

These are a few of our favorite things… Don’t just come to Roatan to get your feet sandy. Come here to be a part of our amazing community! We’re highlighting some of our favorite parts of our community this month: One of our fantastic activity options (Hint: the amazing underwater photos in this newsletter all […]

03/05/2019 | by Mike Carter | Uncategorized

January 2019 Newsletter

Are you ready for 2019? It’s a new year with endless potential! If you’ve been considering buying real estate in Roatan, now is the time to get into the market and enjoy your very own slice of paradise. If you came to Roatan and loved it, it’s time to book another visit. We offer longer-term […]

01/11/2019 | by Mike Carter | Uncategorized

Treat yourself this holiday season 

When was the last time you treated yourself? The holiday season is all about giving and sharing. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself, too! A vacation in paradise to escape the winter weather is just what Santa ought to deliver. We picked a few rentals with last-minute holiday availability that we’re sure you’ll love! While […]

12/11/2018 | by Mike Carter | Uncategorized