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Say No to Winter

Cliniza Esperanza Virtual Auction! Villa Aire Agua Vacation Giveaway Say No to Winter Skipping winter is the dream… Maybe you’ve lived the dream before or maybe you’re still waiting for the right year to do it. Whether it’s your yearly tradition or the very first time, you’re probably getting excited to say goodbye to snow […]

11/15/2021 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Flying solo or bringing th whole team?

Brand New Vacation Options! The Caribbean getaway you need before December Flying solo or bringing the whole team? Either way, we’ve got a place for you…  October is here, and with the transition into autumn comes colder weather, pumpkin spiced everything and the urge to take a break before you blink and the holiday season […]

10/18/2021 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Fire on Guanaja

Late on the night of October 2, 2021, a fire spread through Guanaja. The fire was finally put out after destroying approximately 125 homes and 90 businesses. The strength of our community The fire on Guanaja shook the Bay Islands community and spurred immediate action from the surrounding islands. Roatan got right to setting up […]

10/07/2021 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Canadian Travel to Roatan

It’s no secret – Canadians love to travel. But what you may not know is that Canadians LOVE travelling to Roatan. You only have to visit the island once to find that many Canadians travel to Roatan and many decide to stay put. Canadian travel is seeing some big changes at the moment due to […]

| by Mike Carter | News Travel Tips

Experience the Best of Roatan

Direct Flights from Denver! The new way to West Bay… Experience the Best of Roatan… Hello dear reader, we hope this valuable update finds you well after the long weekend. We know how important your time is and want to thank you for being here with us today – we have quite a bit of […]

09/13/2021 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Pack Your Bags for the Island of Roatan

Are you ready to live the island life? The island of Roatan is ready for you! The vibrant island of Roatan awaits… Long Term Rental Options For You Pack Your Bags There is just so much to catch up on… Probably best you just pack up and get over here to see it for yourself! […]

08/16/2021 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Summer Vacation in Roatan

A vacation in Roatan is unlike most other vacations… It’s Paradise! Adventure Awaits… Save when you book direct! Summer in Paradise Thanks for joining us for this month’s look at Life & Vacation in Roatan! We’ve featured some amazing properties for you to take a look at as well as some positive news for the […]

07/14/2021 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Roatan is Famous!

Seasonal Stay Discounts Available Now! 22nd Annual Fishing Tournament Roatan is Famous! Roatan is famous, and not just because you’re telling all of your friends how amazing it is! Recently featured on the Today Show, Roatan is being recognized for the magical piece of paradise we know and love. Below you’ll find the full segment […]

06/15/2021 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

Can we travel to Roatan safely?

Direct flights, a successful vaccine roll out and easy testing make travel to Roatan safe & easy! Staying COVID smart in Roatan Seasonal stays at a great price! “Can we travel to Roatan safely?” The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put most of the world on complete standstill, extending even now into May 2021. Roatan was no […]

05/06/2021 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

An exceptionally green island…

Roatan has been making some big changes to maintain the natural beauty of our little green island. Real Estate heaven… Eco-conscious choices making an impact! An exceptionally green island… In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, we’d like to share a few of the incredible projects going on in Roatan! In conjunction with the other […]

04/14/2021 | by Mike Carter | Newsletter

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