It’s no secret – Canadians love to travel. But what you may not know is that Canadians LOVE travelling to Roatan. You only have to visit the island once to find that many Canadians travel to Roatan and many decide to stay put.

Canadian travel is seeing some big changes at the moment due to COVID-19 policies. We want to make sure our Roatan-loving Canadians are able to make the trip and so let’s take a look at what is changing for Canadian travel.

Trudeau announces mandatory vaccination for Canadian Travellers

According to a press release on October 6th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced mandatory vaccinations for the federal workforce and federally regulated transportation sectors. This means that all Canadians travelling domestically or internationally on planes, trains, (nope – not automobiles) and marine vessels such as cruise ships, must be fully vaccinated.

Beginning October 30, 2021, all you ‘Roatanadians’ out there will need to be fully vaccinated for your next trip to Roatan. If you’re planning to come visit your favorite island, make sure you have all necessary documentation with you to ensure a smooth travel day.

Canadians LOVE Roatan

Canadians travel to Roatan for many different reasons, but most seem to stay on the island for a love of the lifestyle….

No more snow tires!

Canadians are not hard to find on Roatan and neither are Canadian owned businesses! The most widely known Canadian owned business on Roatan is Sundowners in West End. Here you will find many other Canadians along with travellers from all other parts of the world. Other Canadian owned businesses include the Hangover Hut and JavaVine in West Bay as well as Gran Bleu Diving in Sandy Bay.

Canadian Flight Options

Canadians travelling to Roatan have a few options for direct flights, as well as various connections through the United States. The newest flight schedule is showing direct flights from Toronto and Montreal with Sunwing and West Jet.

updated flight schedule from Canada to roatan

Honduran Travel Requirements

Currently, the Honduran government is not requiring visitors to be fully vaccinated. Honduras is accepting travellers who are fully vaccinated as well as those with a negative COVID-19 test, although the results of your test must be documented within 72 hours of entry. We encourage you to check directly with Honduran Immigration as well as your airline to confirm all necessary documentation.

Roatan LOVES Canadians

Roatan loves it’s Canadian travellers and we want to make sure you can come and visit Roatan for your much deserved Caribbean getaway.

Plan your next trip and make it the best one yet! Check out our featured properties to find the right fit for your perfect vacation. Or maybe you’re interested in staying a little longer this time? Take a look at our long-term rentals and live your best island life!

If you have any questions about your upcoming trip, please contact us. Roatan Vacation Rentals is here to make sure you have the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Just read our guest reviews!

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