Late on the night of October 2, 2021, a fire spread through Guanaja. The fire was finally put out after destroying approximately 125 homes and 90 businesses.

fire on guanaja

The strength of our community

The fire on Guanaja shook the Bay Islands community and spurred immediate action from the surrounding islands. Roatan got right to setting up donation drop-offs for household, personal and food items for those affected by the fire on Guanaja.

The Rotary Club of Roatan has set up a fundraising page to help those who lost everything in the tremendous fire on the Guanaja Cay. Most people escaped with only the clothes on their backs. All of the funds raised will go to helping the community get back on its feet.

If you are able to donate to those most affected, we encourage you to do so through the Rotary Club of Roatan.

guanaja fire donations

Animal rescue

Animal lovers have also stepped up in helping with the devastation from the fire on Guanaja. Roatan vets such as Bonanza Vet Clinic and animal shelters like Island Dogs Rock have taken in rescue animals. Other community groups are also collecting food and emergency items to send to the island.

The Island Vet on Guanaja, along with amazing volunteers and other organizations have been searching the debris and finding trapped and injured animals all week.

kittens rescued from fire
injured kitten from fire
animal rescue

The island of Guanaja has suffered a huge loss in this fire and they need your help. Please donate to any of the drop-offs being organized throughout the community or consider donating if you are able.

Our hearts and prayer go out to all of those who have been affected by this tragic event. We thank all those who have gone to volunteer and assist in Guanaja.