Tis the Holiday Season

This is the season of goodwill and spreading cheer. Of course, traveling during the holiday season isn’t always cheerful! But we have a few tips to make your journey easier.

We’re also highlighting a real estate option listed at only $190,000. This is your chance to purchase a piece of paradise.

And we have a new rental house on the market offering ocean views and true serenity. Take a look at the end of this newsletter.

Finally, the holiday season is especially fun for children. SOL International Foundation has a new program for the kids in Roatan, and you can help.

We love this island community – supporting local organizations is a top priority for Roatan Vacation Rentals. We hope you’ll join us in bringing

The holiday season is a busy time for airports, but that doesn’t mean your holiday travel has to be stressful. If you want to actually enjoy the journey, we recommend you look at the airport lounges.

There are a few ways you can take advantage of these calm retreats amidst the chaos. Not all of us can earn an invite, but fear not – you have other options.

Most lounges offer complimentary food, drinks, WiFi, outlets, and comfy seats. Some even offer showers and sleeping pods – so a small investment can bring you plenty of benefits. Here’s how you can take advantage…

Join a Lounge Network

Depending on how often and where you fly, joining a lounge network could be a smart option. Lounge networks offer access to worldwide lounges for an annual fee, sometimes with a per-visit fee as well. A higher annual fee can offer unlimited access.

Purchase an Upgrade

If you buy an international business or a first-class ticket, you’ll likely also receive complimentary lounge access. Especially for long-haul flights, this is an ideal benefit so you can freshen up once you land.

Purchase a Day Pass

If you’re facing a lengthy layover, a day pass to a lounge can be a dream come true. Prices vary considerably, but for around $50 you can enjoy food and drinks, free WiFi, outlets, comfy seating, and a quiet atmosphere.

Use Your Credit Card

Many credit cards offer free or discounted lounge access. The drawback to these cards is that many come with higher annual fees. You’ll have to decide if the fee is worth the benefits, which tend to include travel insurance, priority boarding, and free checked bags.

Travel Tips and Tricks


Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than realizing you’ve lost an important document. Here’s our advice for ensuring that headache never causes a complete breakdown of your fun…

  • Make a copy of your passport and any relevant visas. If your passport is lost or stolen, bringing a copy to the local embassy will expedite the replacement of your documents.
  • Make a copy of your credit card information and ask someone back home to be your contact. If your credit card goes missing, having a person who can quickly cancel or even replace your credit card can be a real lifesaver.
  • Make copies of all your reservation details. While most places accept e-tickets nowadays, it’s a good idea to bring hard copies here to Roatan. It can’t hurt to have the back-up, and you don’t need to worry about power outages causing you delays or confusion.

  • Make copies of any prescriptions or other pertinent medical information, plus the contact information for your doctor. Always pack your prescriptions in your carry-on, but just in case of emergency, you’ll want access to this information at hand.
  • Consider registering with the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Plan (STEP). This ensures you receive updates from the local embassy and also allows the embassy to contact you in case of emergency.

Feeling prepared? Let’s book your stay in Roatan


Tis the Season of Goodwill

One of our favorite community organizations, SOL International Foundation, could really use your help this holiday season!

Their recently opened community center in Sandy Bay is open 5 days a week to any child who walks in the door, offering playtime, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, English classes, Math classes, Science classes, environmental learning projects, Health classes, and a place to call their own.

This summer, they expanded their outreach to include meals. The “Happy Tummies Active Minds” program provides local children (aged 4-17) well-balanced meals to help supplement their nutrition and allow them to focus while learning, playing, and growing.

SOL is currently serving breakfast Monday through Friday and early dinner two nights a week, at approximately 250-300 meals a week.

Every dollar donated pays for one meal!

Your donation can help sponsor the program and feed children in the community. We hope you can join us in giving back to this wonderful community that we all love here in Roatan!

Donate to “Happy Tummies Active Minds”


Real Estate: 2-Bedroom Condo for $190,000


Own a slice of paradise at Pineapple Villas in French Harbour. These condos offer convenience, amenities, and comforts to live the high life without the massive price tag you’d find elsewhere.

Pineapple Villas 332 is a 2-bedroom unit boasting solid concrete construction, granite counters, tile floors, and Honduran hardwood cabinets and furniture. This unit has a solid rental history and is offered completely turnkey for a new owner. Hit the ground running with this high-end condo in a prime location!

View Pineapple Villas 332


New Rental: Casa Marsiesta

This beautiful home boasts ocean views and stunning natural landscape, with over an acre of mature tropical trees leading into the valley below.

You’ll simply love relaxing in this complete oasis of tranquility.

Located mid-island in the Turtling Bay neighborhood, Casa Marsiesta is ideal for a longer-term stay in Roatan. It could also be perfect as a quiet retreat to recharge, away from people and the stresses of home.

View Casa Marsiesta


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