As we leap forward into another year, We’ve been reflecting back 2014, and it was an exciting year for Roatan Life Real Estate and Vacation Rentals. 2015 looks to be the start of another improving year.

In this first issue of our newsletter for 2015 we have a bit of an overview of our market for real estate along with some global trends, a great reminder of all the fun things from our concierge desk and some super rental options for 2015. This is just a taste of our offering so feel free to contact us any time for your specific questions. Thank you – Roatan Vacation Rentals and Roatan Life Real Estate.

Roatan started to experience a rebound in 2014 vs the previous years and its encouraging to see the market improve. According to the statistics from the Roatan MLS 2014 had a 3.12% increase in average sales price but a 47% increase in actual sales volume. We are seeing 2015 construction starts also so inventory should keep up with demand and help hold prices making it the unusual convergence of a buyers and sellers market.” Mike Carter Roatan Life

2015 has arrived and our team at Roatan Life Vacation Rentals is ready to make your visit to Roatan a unique and special vacation. What type of adventures would you like to treasure from this Caribbean Gem? Let our concierge help you to plan your vacation!

Concierge Corner

2015 has arrived and our team at Roatan Life Vacation Rentals is ready to make your visit to Roatan a unique and special vacation. What type of adventures would you like to treasure from this Caribbean Gem? Let our concierge help you to plan your vacation!

Lets start with all the fun you can have on Roatan.

1Book a trip to Cayos Cochinos and you might be surprised by whale sharks or dozens of dolphins around you. Take a guided snorkel tour, discover scuba, parasail over West Bay’s turquoise waters, or admire the abundant tropical jungle while zip lining. Discover the east side of the island on a tour that will show you our Garifuna culture, food and music, or take a sunset sail with live music by the Bryon James’ band or enjoy the peace of your condo while pampering yourself with a relaxing massage before your chef for the night arrives to prepare a wonderful meal.

We have it all and we can accommodate you! We do not charge any fees for our concierge services so you pay the same price as you would if you find the providers on your own but we do the leg work and we let you run a tab and pay with your credit card at no extra charge all as part of our service commitment.

Remember many activities are limited to small groups of people. Car rental, dolphin activities, fishing and sailing excursions need preparation ahead of time so take some time and start planning your activities. Welcome to Roatan!

Bertha Montoya

Concierge, Roatan Life Vacation Rentals or any of our team to help set up your activities.
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Roatan In The News

5One of last year’s highlights came from Live and Invest Overseas publishing house, who added Roatan to their list of the 10 Best Islands To Retire To Early. We concur!! There are many people who have re-invented themselves and found a completely different direction for their new lives on the island. When you come for a visit, you’ll find single people, couples with grown children, couples with no children and couples with young families – this is a great place for children to grow up in a multi-cultural environment; their field trips are much different from school trips in the U.S. or Canada, Europe or Africa and all the rest of the countries with expats living here.

Another interesting observation is how many groups of people visit here for a wide variety of reasons. For example, as I write this missive, there is a group of 5 people from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania spending the week as part of their studies. One engineering student has been researching geothermal energy possibilities in the region and she is now able to to see the practicality of her research and findings. The other students are doing architectural studies and have chosen Roatan to study the vernacular architecture and are gaining more knowledge than they could by research alone. Yesterday they met with D.V. Woods, a renowned builder on the island, who gave them a history of why people build in wood versus concrete and how historical and migratory changes affected the style of building on Roatan. They also learned unexpected things, like there is a right and a wrong time of the moon’s cycle to cut hardwood in order to deter termite infestations. Keep your almanac handy when building your home!

Discover Whats new in Roatan

If you’re a chocolate lover you’ll appreciate our latest find! Always on the lookout for new businesses to tell you about, We stumbled upon a shop which opened just a few months ago and it sells CHOCOLATE!!! Not only do they sell chocolate, but they make right here, using cacao beans from Honduras and local fruits. It is delicious, and well worth a visit for the chocoholics out there! Visit the Roatan Chocolate Factory in Alba Plaza in Sandy Bay (central location easy for everyone to get to).

Roatan Life Real Estate Update

4Fun Facts: Over the next four decades, demographers expect the U.S. to expand by 100 million. Meanwhile, it’s expected to decline everywhere else: 10 percent in China, 25 percent in Europe, 30 percent in South Korea, and 40 percent in Japan. Census data suggests that the 15-to-64 age group will grow over 42 percent, according to Laisse Faire Today, December 5, 2014.

Of those 100 million, more and more are looking to relocate outside the U.S., and Roatan is well poised to receive some of them. You might be concerned that the island will become overpopulated, but a recent study conducted here to preserve the water sources of the island has developed into a zoning plan. Whether you think restrictions on building are a good thing or not, the plan will not allow high density building in water table areas which need to be protected. The island has been classified into different zones, including environmentally sensitive, commercial, industrial and tourism areas, each with different requirements. The plans are currently being socialized on the island with community meetings. You can see the entire plan at the Zolitur office in Mount Pleasant.

Ask Mike. Each newsletter we will print a question and response which we think will be of interest to many of you – questions you have probably wanted to ask yourselves!

Ask Mike

Q. I’m considering buying a home on Roatan and using it for rental income for a year, then moving there myself. I’m worried that I will have to give up my U.S. citizenship and become a Honduran resident is that true? Alan C.

A. You absolutely do not have to give up your U.S. citizenship! Foreigners can own up to ¾ acre of property as an individual, or you can create a Honduran corporation to hold your property if you need more. There is a difference between residency and citizenship. If you plan to move here, or spend a lot of time on Roatan, you should probably apply for Residency, in which case you remain a citizen of your home country, but with legal residency in Honduras. For many people, this can be beneficial from a tax perspective, so check with a tax professional and or let me know if you would like a consultation with a Honduran attorney.

Residency can be a fairly lengthy process and is handled by an attorney in Honduras and requires paperwork which starts in your hometown. Contact me for specific details.

3Real Estate Specifics!

Here is a bit of info on the good deals front:

Good values abound in already built real estate. Here are 3 different price points showcasing some of the many opportunities here in Roatan.

2 Bedroom South side view home in built out community (no construction noise around you) ready to go. Turtle Crossing #9 AKA Blue Sky” only $249,000

3 Bedroom Beachfront home in up and coming Sandy Bay Area only $179,000

Golf Course and Ocean View Luxury home in Roatans premier resort community Pristine Bay 4035 Royal Palm Drive Home $799,000 turnkey

2 Bedroom West End Condo Sunset Villas Largest unit is 3A (affectionately known as Copan Condo for its custom engraved hardwood door). Being offered at $189,000 and turnkey this is a great opportunity and with walking to all of West End location.

To stay in touch on Real Estate friend our Roatan Life Facebook page at

Great Rentals for 2015

We have a variety of rentals for most any size party and budget and our website is very user friendly allowing you to search by dates, size, location and get full price quotes and even book online. Want a bit of help finding the perfect unit just email us at and give us your wish list and dates and budget we will do our best to find you just the right option.

Here are a couple of units with great availability for the upcoming year and have been very well reviewed by guests:

2Villa Del Playa #2 (2 bedroom beachfront West End option). Rates starting at $1300 + tax per week for a beachfront unit in a small 6 unit building with shared pool and walk to all of West End location. Would you like to dip your toes in the water and relax with a sunset view?

Bayside Villas in West Bay. We recently started managing another new unit in Bayside Villas allowing us to now offer you a 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom unit both beachfront and with ocean view. All of this is located just around the corner of the end fo West Bay (next to the Las Rocas) in a quiet little cove. So you have the perfect balance of serenity and quiet with proximity to all of West Bay beach for dining, fun and sun. Check out the virtual tours to see more of these reasonably priced units.

Villa joya 2 bedroom Bayside Villa Option

Bayside Villa 3A the 3 Bedroom Corner Unit

We challenge you to find a quieter and better priced beachfront private residence with more amenities in West Bay than these amazing units at Bayside Villas.

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