The Bay Islands need your help

While there have been no cases of COVID-19 in the Bay Islands to date, the threat of its arrival is very real. We need your support to help the Bay Islands at this time.

However, there is a collective concern in our medical community that we are underprepared if the virus does arrive.

The Problem

The medical professionals in the Bay Islands note that there are not enough tests, nor do the islands have adequate medicine or medical equipment to combat this pandemic.

While we very much hope for the trend to continue with no cases in the islands, we need to be prepared if it does.

Testing Kits for the Bay Islands

On Roatan, we started with 80 Coronavirus test kits. Of those, 31 have been used and only 49 remain. This is insufficient for testing our community now and in the future.

For reference, the Cayman Islands have a population similar to that of Roatan and they are testing 150 people a day.

The people of the Bay Islands need the medicines and medical equipment necessary to keep our populations healthy and safe.

Government Assistance

Unfortunately, we cannot expect our national government in Tegucigalpa to provide us with all we will require should the virus reach our shores.

The Bay Islands community has come together to protect each other as best we can, but we cannot assume we will never have a positive case here.

Our medical professionals are committed to the task that potentially lays before them.

But they cannot be effective without adequate medicine and medical supplies.

The Ask

The cost to purchase and bring the necessary medicine and medical equipment is considerable.

We have identified what is necessary to buy and where it can be purchased. 

We have identified the means to transport it here. 

What we need is the financial support to allow this to be accomplished. 

We are asking for your financial assistance to support the Bay Islands

We are asking for those who love the Bay Islands to support our community in this critical moment. We hope you will help us access the medical resources necessary to keep our community safe and to ensure our long term viability.

The Governor of the Bay Islands and the Make It Count Foundation have partnered to accept and process all donations for medical supplies.

If you are able, please consider donating. We want to welcome you back to the islands as soon as possible, but we need to ensure we are all prepared and safe during this crisis.

To make a donation, visit the Make it Count Foundation website.