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Summertime Fun on the Island

What do you think of when you think of summer? We think of cold beer, hanging out with friends, and relaxing in a hammock in the shade… Oh, wait. That’s what we do year-round here on Roatan! Check out a new song about visiting Roatan, Sunday Funday at The Brewery, and some highlighted places to […]

04/08/2019 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter

Holiday travel tips & “Happy Tummies”

Tis the Holiday Season   This is the season of goodwill and spreading cheer. Of course, traveling during the holiday season isn’t always cheerful! But we have a few tips to make your journey easier. We’re also highlighting a real estate option listed at only $190,000. This is your chance to purchase a piece of paradise. […]

12/06/2017 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter

Brand new island villa now available

The Holidays are Approaching   With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re feeling truly grateful to live in this tropical paradise. And we’d love to have you join us to celebrate. We have a few options still available for last-minute holiday bookings. Take a quick look below for contact details. We’re also grateful for a brand […]

11/14/2017 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter

How to save on your next vacation

For those who love the islands We have some great advice in this newsletter for saving on fees on your next vacation rental. But first, we want to invite you to share your island love. The Caribbean islands have had an incredibly difficult hurricane season this year. While we in Roatan are fairly well protected […]

10/03/2017 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter

Free boat, free coozies, and 15% off a beachfront home

Never-Ending Summer in the Caribbean Summer is coming to an end…but not for the tropical island of Roatan! We’re still enjoying the sunshine and the sea breezes are swaying the palm trees overhead. September is a fun month for us with the XVIII Annual Roatan International Fishing Tournament and Honduran Independence Day both coming up. We’d love […]

09/05/2017 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter

New beachfront rental for your whole crew

Life is better at the beach There’s something about living by the sea that just makes life better. Don’t you agree? If you do, then take a look at our new beachfront rental with 5 bedrooms. There’s space for your whole crew to hang out and have fun while living the island life. We’re also […]

08/02/2017 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter

Island dreaming? Check these waterfront homes

Eco-Friendly Homes in Roatan For a tropical island with endless sunshine, there are actually very few homes in Roatan operating on solar energy. If you’re searching for a rental where you can support an eco-friendly homeowner – and save on high island electricity costs as well – take a look at these two fantastic options: […]

07/07/2017 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter

Brand new beachfront rental home discount

Summer Livin’ on the Beach What’s better than a brand new beachfront rental home on the Caribbean island of Roatan? A discount on that new rental is better! Read on to see how you can save 20% on West End’s new, modern villa. The Roatan Marine Park Needs You To better protect our beautiful home, […]

06/01/2017 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter

Top 25 Destinations in the World

Everyone Loves Roatan Roatan has been voted into the Top 25 Destinations in the World in TripAdvisor’s 2017 Traveller’s Choice Awards. Coming in at #15 in the entire world, Roatan is the #1 destination in all of Central America. If you’ve been waiting to take your vacation, delay no more. The word is out and we are […]

04/04/2017 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter

We’re extending summer this year

We Love Summertime, So Will You Roatan enjoys an endless summer, but we know that kids only get a short break from school and parents need to plan accordingly. That’s why planning ahead for summer vacation is so important. In case your planning isn’t on schedule, we’re here to save you those disappointing looks from the […]

03/01/2017 | by Mike Carter | | Newsletter